Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation

Design Thinking integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

It’s not just about coming up with new ideas but about making those ideas a tangible reality that meets users’ needs in meaningful ways. It’s a mindset that involves empathy, collaboration, experimentation, and an openness to learning and adapting as needs evolve.

This process encourages the inclusion of user feedback throughout the development cycle, ensuring that solutions are both impactful and aligned with user needs.

We applied Design Thinking in projects for:

  • Design of Digital Instruments for Business or Client interaction
  • Design of new Products or Services
  • Design of intra-organisational Knowledge Management systems
  • Redesign internal and external Communication Processes
  • Redesign IT support ticketing system
  • Redesign Customer Experience
  • Redesign Employee Experience
  • Redesign Onboarding Experience
  • Redesign Go To Market approach
  • Design an improved Customer Care approach
  • Design new Financial Products
  • Redesign existing services in the context of Digital Transformation

Our offer

We partner with companies for Design Thinking initiatives.

  • Introductory Workshop
  • In-house Basic Methodology Workshop
  • In-house Advanced Methodology Workshop
  • Applied Workshop
  • Design Thinking Project set-up and guidance


Our Design Thinking Team

Our European Design Thinkers team consists of 16 specialists from Austria, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Finland, Holland and Romania.

Our Projects

A selection of our clients is available here.

Three case studies on Design Thinking projects can be downloaded here.

Additional resources

Designing Design Thinking – the first book published in the Romanian language about Design Thinking; download a sample and get the entire book for free!

House of Innovation Podcast, available on Spotify – contains several episodes on Design Thinking