Model for Sustainable Organizations

We have developed a sustainable organization model which is made up of seven elements. The idea behind it is if an organization wants to become more agile, it is advisable to address these elements.

Elements have varying levels of importance and, as such, a varying need for action. This can be reviewed using the ICG agility check. We work together with you to examine each element’s relevance and need for action by applying different methods, settings and formats. In so doing, we work with questionnaires just as much as we do with positioning exercises, observations (of your management meetings, for example), inputs, and sensitization – both with selected employees and leaders.

Program of Measures

The result is an assessment, produced by a core team, of your organization’s potential development needs for greater agility. For each element, possible measures and interventions are identified together with you. The benefit for you is that, based on this, you can define whether and at what speed you want to continue down this path – whether you want to take big steps in selected elements, or put minimal work into all seven.