In line with our commitment to being the leading team for Transformation & Innovation in Romania, we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive in-house training programs. These programs have been meticulously crafted within the expertise clusters of ICG Europe and can be conducted in either Romanian or English by seasoned senior experts well-versed in the European corporate landscape.

Our training modules are highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your group or specific requirements. This flexibility allows us to deliver targeted, impactful learning experiences that align precisely with your objectives

Cost: starting from 900 Eur/group.

Productivity & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Empower Your Day with AI: Productivity Redefined.

Gain practical skills in leveraging AI tools to streamline work and enhance efficiency, leading to a significant boost in daily productivity. Develop a deeper understanding of AI applications, enabling people to make informed decisions and creatively integrate AI solutions into their professional tasks for optimal performance.

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Creativity & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Redefine Creativity: AI, your Muse for the Modern Age.

Organizations that foster a culture of creativity not only see an uptick in productivity and efficiency but also in employee satisfaction. Individuals who engage in creative processes contribute positively to the workplace ambiance and help shape a dynamic organizational culture. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into these environments amplifies these benefits by enhancing both the productivity and the quality of the outputs generated by such creative individuals.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship

The Next Growth Engine: Entrepreneurship in Corporate DNA

This is a program designed to help organizations create a startup-minded environment in their structures, where personal initiative, accountability, collaboration and co-creation lead to the discovery and execution of bold ideas.

Benefits for Managers: Understand the principles of Corporate Entrepreneurship and how to create a movement around their teams and in the organization.

Benefits for Employees: Learn a new way of working and execution inspired from renowned entrepreneurs.

Benefits for the Organization: Employee upskilling to tackle business challenges in an unpredictable future and business environment.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about technology at all. It is all about People.

As organizations navigate the imperative shift towards Digital Transformation, grasping the essential ingredients for its success becomes fundamental. Our program is designed to highlight these crucial elements through the lens of international case studies showcasing succesful digital transformation initiatives. This immersive experience empowers participants to engage, discuss, and extract invaluable insights.

Moreover, the program offers an in-depth exploration of two distinguished models shaping the Digital Transformation journey: the ICG and Stanford University models. By dissecting these frameworks, participants gain profound insights into the fundamental ‘why’ behind Digital Transformation and unravel its essence.

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Creative Thinking

Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

Creative problem-solving and ideation form the cornerstone of innovation and transformation. We hold the belief that everyone possesses creative potential, given the appropriate toolset, mindset, and environment. Within our distinctive workshops, we not only offer the scientific groundwork of creativity but also equip individuals and groups with practical tools aimed at nurturing and enhancing creativity.

The core objective of this workshop is to instil the understanding that creativity is inherent to everyone, fostering a mindset shift that unlocks Creative Confidence.

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Design Thinking

Design thinking fundamentally shifts an organization’s mindset to be more human-centric, innovative, and collaborative

Design Thinking serves as a strategic approach focused on developing products, services, or processes centered around human needs. Our ICG program introduces participants to the philosophy of the Design Thinking methodology and its dedicated tools. Through engaging workshops, attendees actively participate in a simplified Design Thinking project.

The workshop’s primary objective is to immerse participants in the world of Design Thinking, fostering a comprehensive understanding by enabling them to apply this methodology practically to a specific subject. This hands-on experience forms the core of learning within the session.

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Agile in Business

Agility is a State of Mind, not a methodology.

Companies that incorporate consumer desires and adapt easily to changes coming from the external environment have business agility and will still exist in 5 or 10 years. Agile continues to be top of mind for many enterprises – according to the 2023 State of Agile report, 89%of respondents in high-performing Agile teams have People-centric values, clear culture, tools, and leadership empowerment.

Our goal is to offer you an understanding on how agile methods and tools work and be ready to start working Agile on your next project.

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Change & Transformation

To Grow & Thrive, we need to Change and Transform. Continuously.

It is a well-known fact that Change and Transformation are part of our lives today, both personally and professionally. But how to approach this change? What are the psychological mechanisms that govern change? What is the neuroscience of change? What are the elements by which we can build organisations capable of organically reacting to change?

The workshop aims to provide participants with the know-how needed to approach Change & Transformation at personal and organisational levels.

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Leadership Development

Transforming Leaders, Transforming Organizations

Becoming a Leader. When a valued employee becomes a Leader, many challenges arise – for the organisation, as well as for the leader and their team. Our program focuses on the most stringent tasks a new leader must take on: performance management, team dynamics, conflict resolution and motivation, to name a few.

Developing Leadership Culture. Change starts with me. For experienced leadership teams, we offer a bespoke program which will address the most important aspects of peer collaboration: accountability, resilience, psychological safety, effective communication, intercultural collaboration and many more. Enhanced with coaching sessions, learning group work and scientific assessments, success is guaranteed.

The primary purpose of this program is to build emotional intelligence of leaders and the means to find the best solutions for their specific business situations.

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Strategic Controlling

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Strategic controlling is a set of instruments to assist the implementation of organisational strategy and of strategic projects. It measures and gives feedback and information about the status, progress and necessary future steps to implement the strategy and strategic projects.

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Lean Fundamentals

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

Lean thinking always starts with the customer. What does the customer value? Or, stated differently and in a way that invites concrete action, what problem does the customer need to solve? By understanding the process of value creation and the roles of people in it, a company sets the base for continuous learning and improvement.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to understand process thinking and to instill customer value thinking & continuous improvement

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