Stages of Development

Collaborations develop from an enthusiastic initiative towards institutionalized forms of co-operation. Every stage of this development has its own challenges. Some of the partners might have different expectations and positions in this. Via an automated questionnaire, we ask all the partners at different levels in their organizations to assess the collaboration. We put this in perspective of the context and the role of participants. In several workshops we use the information to facilitate the dialogue on the collaboration in order to improve it. Together with the partners we set priorities for the further development of the network. This can include changing the partners, leadership, contracts and collaborative skills. Our role is to give an independent perspective on the collaboration and not having a specific interest as one of the partners.  

Next Level Action

The result of our support is a new perspective including an action plan. This can mean stopping the initiative, but preferably we bring the collaboration to the next level. By either changing the ambition/strategy, changing the players in the network or changing the rules. Our instrument can be used at more moments in time, so we can also monitor the development of the network in the future.