Positive Mobilization

When companies are facing challenges like assembling manufacturing organization newly or implementing a supply chain for several subsidiaries, then almost every activity is in demand that needs to be executed when planning organization-wide changes. Thus, when an area is developed further or completely new, a common vision is necessary. Responsibilities have to be clear, strategic focusses must be determined and consistent processes need to be implemented.

When we are consultants for such projects, we use agile development processes that are oriented on our change model but tailored to every client. In general, it is very important to us to get ideas about the collaboration with and expectation of interface partners. Furthermore, it is crucial to gather internal perspectives and ideas in order to develop a common ambition and appealing picture of the future. From the very first, intrinsic motivated people must be involved who are campaigning for the common goal.

Effective Changes

When we support area or department developments, it always affects the organizational culture: They strengthen team work and therefore the sustainability of the area. Problem are solved that initiated the change. Furthermore, the department or area is agile, so it is able to adapt to changing circumstances.