Since the year 2000, more than 3000 employees at the Magna Powertrain production sites Lannach, Ilz and Albersdorf, develop, manufacture and install products for the driveline systems portfolio. The portfolio includes transfer cases, coupling systems , front axle gears and rear axle gears.

For many years, productivity has been increased successfully by optimizing processes and a high level of competitiveness was achieved. At the same time, a corporate culture based on hierarchy and micro-management was established. Leaders and employees could not unfold their full potential anymore.

That aspect should change significantly through the work with leaders on their corporate culture. Real accountability for leadership, appreciation and trust were at the center of the new leadership behavior at Magna Powertrain. Always connecting the program to current challenges and business goals formed a crucial part. The significantly improved leadership performance – achieved through the program – lead to a significant improvement of performance of Austrian production sites.