Two strong partners – ICG and change factory – form a strategic alliance to be a real alternative to the “big ones” for challenging change and leadership initiatives in Germany and throughout Europe. As a partner-driven company, the change factory bundles over 20 years of practical experience in consulting, training, services and industry to support all company sizes and sectors.

ICG and change factory share similar values, an excellent interpersonal basis, a high quality standard and an uncomplicated form of cooperation. Together, we offer the best mix of consultant personalities in Germany in order to be able to support large projects on short notice. And in Europe, together we manage transnational projects that require a European mindset with a local understanding of culture.

Sustainable Change

change factory is an independent company for change management and leadership development. With around 40 employees, change factory ensures that customers make the right changes and implement them effectively. The company combines hard business management methods with soft psychological methods, creating effective, sustainable change – both across organizations as well as individuals.

When it comes to change management, change factory’s claim is that project goals will be achieved faster, with greater effectiveness and, above all, with high acceptance by those affected. Leadership development programs develop tailor-made solutions that go far beyond classic classroom seminars.