Doing Instead of Writing Concepts

For change with Rapid Result initiatives, executives should put together small teams that set high goals for themselves in a certain field of action and have the freedom to reach those goals on their own. The setup for this approach is quite simple and demands, first and foremost, three things from the management: trust concerning the skills of the team, the willingness to support them and a knack for choosing the team members. After every Rapid Result initiative, the teams and management discuss the experiences they have gained from working differently for 100 days: What strengthens success in our organizational culture, where are barriers and which structural or systemic changes are waiting to be dealt with?

Results Due to New Behavior

In addition to the business success achieved within 100 days, for example the launch of three new products on the market, halved processing times, an increase in efficiency of 30 %, new customers acquired, Rapid Results initiatives have a profound effect on organizational cultures. The teams, who work with new methods and network in monthly workshops in order to learn from each other, create a cross-functional core for a new culture.