Creative problem solving and ideation are the backbone of innovation. All too often we feel least inspired precisely when we need to be the most creative.

We believe everyone can be creative, when they have the right toolset, mindset and environment to create. Join us in our mission to transform organisations into creative organisations.

Ideas don’t come to us, we create ideas.

In our unique workshops, we will show participants a variety of ways to get inspired and create ideas that can later be transformed into successful solutions for any innovation agenda. Participants will, moreover, acquire a robust toolkit for dealing with challenges when implementing innovative solutions.

Outside the skin

Together with our clients, we start by building the strategy, structure and systems for creative process to take place. Having a clear vision of how the business can make use of creativity, our first step is to assess the current status. After prioritising the actions which need to be addressed, we work close with all employees to better integrate creativity into their work.

Inside the skin

By developing their skills, toolset and mindset, employees can reach their creative potential and put it to work for the business. Number one principle of creativity is play, and play can be more fun in groups, but we also support individuals in their own journey to a more creative work.

Additional insights: We are (NOT) born creative