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TRIZ is a comprehensive, science-based school of thought for finding innovative solutions to inventive tasks – it is designed for innovation teams as well as technicians and engineers who are looking for creative problem solving. TRIZ approaches a problem in a sophisticated, structured way with creative techniques in order to find concepts to improve a product or service.

TRIZ is a methodology used by companies such as NASA, Siemens, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Schneider Electric, BMW, Apple and many others. The method can be applied to every industry and every branch of service.

A TRIZ training will teach you how to use a set of tools for analyzing potential product, service or follow-on innovations. The great advantage of the TRIZ method is an approach that instead of seeking smaller, more conservative change, offers an innovative, frequently radical change.

Our training leads participants through the interpretation and use of numerous examples of methods for solving real business problems in a way that is predictable, reliable and systematic, all while promoting creativity and most importantly – repeatability.

Is TRIZ for you?

Typical applications are:

  • Customers define requirements for your product that are contradictory.
  • Brainstorming does not result in any breakthrough solutions.
  • You need to break psychological inertia.
  • You are interested in how your problem has been solved elsewhere in the world.

In our training you will learn about:

  • TRIZ and how it helps to solve problems
  • the connection of “systems and needs”
  • how to solve contradictions
  • the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ
  • thinking in terms of “time and scale”
  • the analysis of trends in technical evolution and how to use it for innovations
  • functional analysis of systems from a TRIZ perspective