Staff, managers and leaders need innovation skills to support innovation and renewal in their own specific role. The good news is that it is a skill that can be learned like any other. The Seriously Innovative☺ training reveals how people can utilize their individual creativity and develop concrete solutions out of novel thinking. The training combines exercising innovation tools and solving real challenges of the organization. This allows not only the mastering of innovation methods and tools, but also the creation of specific solutions to topics of great strategic importance.

The training participants benefit from our own unique innovation tools and the best methods adopted from outside. The program is a package of different modules including clearly defined preparation tasks and intermediate work. Some of the training highlights are:

  • Learn how to avoid typical pitfalls of innovation workshops
  • Pick up highly effective problem analysis tools
  • Acquire new creativity tools that enable creating radical output
  • Get efficient tools to conceptualize and prototype ideas into concrete solutions
  • Do idea evaluation and selection right
  • Internalize tools by hands-on training and coaching

A Learnable Skill

After completing our training, your managers understand the meaning and importance of innovation in their own specific role. They are equipped with necessary skills and methods to lead and inspire innovative behavior within their own team. Your staff learns to solve practical problems and create breakthrough solutions for emerging challenges. Employees have a better ability to take initiative and push fresh ideas towards more tangible solutions and experiments. If you are in need of a highly skilled group of innovation workshop facilitators, you benefit from experts who can help innovation projects forward and assist superiors or staff to organize highly productive co-creation workshops.