KATA Leadership

Tired of project management and task force teams, qualifications and specialized trainings, lectures and theories? When you have tried everything, and you need a “facelift” of your management practice - try learning a new kata!

A kata is a pattern of intentional practice for learning a new skill or ability.
Playing guitar, skiing and leading teams to achieve high performance can all be broken down into small steps and made easier to grasp.

KATA Improvement is a mindset and a way of working together to achieve great results. It’s focus relies on developing scientific thinking through a set of routines which lead the organization through unclear paths.
Today’s prescriptions and recommendations may not fit tomorrow’s obstacles, which makes it harder to plan in advance and deal with uncertainties.

KATA Coaching provides the tools to implement and sustain a continuous improvement culture, by encouraging the ‘test-learn-adapt’ mindset.

You may download a presentation of the ICG KATA Leadership Program by clicking kata.

Start using Kata today if:

You’re determined to learn a new skill in an innovative and effective way.
You lead or prepare to lead a team towards challenging (or “impossible”) goals.
You wish to help others improve skills and reach their potential.

Kata Leadership impacts your organization by:

Achieving faster results and effective team work

By designing and learning from experiments

Migrating managers towards a role of coach and mentor

Defining clear objectives and focusing on results

Building constructive relationships based on trust and reliability

Reflecting together in a structured way through obstacles

Developing a continuous improvement culture

Improvement and development must be done Daily, by Everyone, Everywhere.

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