In a VUCA world we need leaders who can influence and transform culture. VUCA leaders are people with vision, they understand the surrounding realities and have a clear image of what they need to do. They trust their teams and share the responsibility, involve people and write strong motivating stories. For more agile organizations we need  adaptable and agile leaders in order to make it.

Leadership for agile organizations is a program helping leaders be prepared for the new challenges coming both from outside and inside the organizations. We built it on four pillars!

Self-Leadership –  you have to be prepared for what comes, find your role in the new play, your strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness, Self Confidence and Self Efficacy. Only after you know yourself you can hope to know others.

Supportive leadership –as a leader your focus changes from self to others, you need to make sure you help your people develop. Inspire, encourage, invite and offer psychological safety for an environment where people feel free and engaged.

Shared Leadership –get people involved, share responsibilities and success. You work in complex organizations, you don’t always have time to watch everything, change roles inside the team. Decide together, share experiences, learn from each other and learn to ask for help from your team mates.

Story Leadership –build the future and make your troops believe and follow you there. Create a vision, a picture of a desirable future. You need to learn from the past and understand the present so you can define your purpose. Use all this to write and tell a good story, a story about you and your partners on that journey.