Clarifying the leadership role

It is the lack of clarity about the support measures by top management that often leads to the failure of transformation processes. The following questions are critical for the contribution that top management has to make for the success of change projects:

  • Does the top management have a clear and, above all,  common understanding of the key points regarding the change story? Where is there a need for action and change? What should change and what does the picture of the future look like?
  • Does management have clarity as to how the change strategy will look and how it should be implemented? Who will control the change? To what extent are other management levels and employees included in the change process, or to what extent can they help shape it?
  • Is the scope of change clear, i. e. is it defined what can be changed and what must stay?

In a one-day introductory workshop and several follow-up coaching sessions – the number and duration of which will be agreed in the introductory workshop – we will be sparring partners in clarifying the answers to these questions and sort out your role as a top leader in the change process.

Contribution by the top management

We provide managers with guidance as to how to clarify their role in this process of change by answering the following questions: What must change in the work of executives so that the change process can succeed? How can managers communicate and what can they do to support the change project as well as the participants in the best way possible? What can they do to ensure that the results of the change project are anchored as effectively as possible within the organization?