Quality Time

Most management meetings are dominated by matters of daily business and there is too little time for things like vision work and strategy building, annual planning, translating strategy into operational actions, and agreements on the way of working within the management team.

We apply action research principles. Not only the content is discussed, but also a learning-by-doing attitude prevails during our programs. Our tools foster creativity and increase peoples’ thinking and analytical skills with the aid of dialog, group work, team exercises, etc.

Social interactions, action and reaction don’t necessarily follow mechanical thinking, which is why we use a system-thinking approach to see the big picture and deal with increasing complexity.

Elements of these meetings usually include:

  • Common goals: What are the organization’s business and goals and what are its guiding values – how do management team members understand these goals and values and how do they associate with them?
  • Structural and cultural issues: To what extent do the present organizational structures and elements of the organizational culture support the achievement of goals – what should be different?
  • Barriers and limitations: Management’s view of the big picture; the business and organizational environment. What are the given limitations and which ones should be changed in order to enhance organizational efficiency?
  • Roles: What are the expectations of management and leadership roles, how do members of management view their individual and the other management members’ roles, and are the necessary instruments available to fulfill the roles?
  • Norms and internal discipline: What are the written and informal rules and norms of working together?

Better Understanding

The results of a professionally designed management workshop are a common understanding of the key topics between the management team members as well as an effective commitment to the objectives and better understanding of each other. Furthermore, the cooperation and communication between them is much more efficient.