Top managements’ priority action is to provide vision and clarity to the company. The leader offers support on the road, so that set objectives are fulfilled.  How things get done, how different teams act and what is the synergy, chemistry and energy inside the company come from organizational culture. This cannot be imposed from top management, it can only be identified and understood analyzing the company. Culture is not modified depending on mission, vision and strategy but it can destroy them. Start with culture diagnosis and build strategy based on that information.

A complete diagnosis of the organizational culture looks at the paradigm that tells us what are the values, mission and vision of the company and then analyses 12 lenses for cultural exploration.

Meaning/purpose, Leadership, Communication and Meetings, Success (Rewarded/Punished), Structures & Systems, Decisions, Behavior towards the outside, Dealing with change, Taboos & fears, Influence /power structure, Stories / myths/ rituals, Conflict. We identify problematic areas and find solutions, then use those positive insights to help implement the change required. We use rapid result transformation to have results in 100 days.

Culture is not always documented, but defines the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients and other stakeholders. It has its origins in the values and beliefs of the founder but in time,  it’s more and more influenced and modeled by the values, beliefs and behaviors of the group.

We need to focus more on organizational culture, give it the importance and time it deserves.