Experience the New

We use the experiential methods of learning, characterized by a cycle of preparation, experience, reflection and application (Kolb’s learning cycle). Most of our outdoor training programs use metaphors taken from nature to model situations within a human system in an organization. These experiences allow participants to test themselves and experiment within the group, and then evaluate those experiences to draw conclusions that can be implemented either in a follow-up activity or back at the workplace. Although they are challenging, none of the activities require above average fitness.

Intensive Learning

Instead of theoretical, value-neutral and cognitive classroom teaching, we emphasize practical, normative, purpose-driven and embodied learning. We focus on application at work to connect intellect (knowing what) with wisdom (knowing how). The person and action are not separate: this insight implies that if the participants are physically involved in exercises, it allows reflection and feedback to impact not only actions, but also motivation and psychological framework for actions.