Focusing on Effects

Due to increasingly scarce financial resources, the public sector is increasingly recognizing the need for more results-based management rather than input-based management. After all, economizing is good, but effective management is better and ultimately decisive too.

The first, crucial step in building an action-based management system and thus professional performance management, is a clear and visible target system. Every organization-specific impact model is based on this and forms the transition from the resources to the activities and services and, finally, the impact. We contribute our varied experience both when developing the causal relations and when also deriving appropriate indicators. And, naturally, we also ensure connected implementation of the management concept – so that impact orientation also truly takes effect in your organization.

Establishing a Learning Culture

Performance management is not only used for legitimizing and controlling purposes, but particularly in quality development too. This is because, if an impact orientation is anchored as a mindset in the organizational culture, this means working together on new service provision paths and approving innovations which the entire organization can learn from. Additionally, dialog with the key stakeholder groups, which is essential for successful performance management, creates long-term understanding and motivation.