Trusted Advisor & Program Management

We act as the trusted advisor for all participants in a network collaboration because of our independent position. In extension to this, we can act as program managers to realize the goals of the collaboration. We do this in e.g. energy transformation, economic development, joint innovation initiatives, aligning healthcare for specific groups, etc. Participating organizations take their place in a steering committee and keep their responsibility for the joint ambition, but don’t have to worry about the resources. We can provide not only the management of the project, but also specific services, such as secretarial, communication, public relations, etc.  

For us it is important we don’t only add capacity and skills to the collaboration, but also a learning experience. We do this by consequent evaluations down the line as well as involving and training individuals from the participating organizations.  

Ambition Realized

Main result of our offer will be that the joint ambition is realized in time and according to its original meaning. Besides there is a learning experience for all those involved in the process.