Design Thinking is a human centered and collaborative approach to solve complex problems, an iterative process composed from the next main stages: Understand, Empathize, Define the Point of View, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

We at ICG have applied design thinking with our clients to innovate products (juicer, search engines, insurances, websites, etc), services (driving and transportation, customer care, etc) and processes (induction for new employees, ticketing, etc).

Today we invite you to participate at 1 Hour Webinar (online) on Design Thinking and learn about:

  • The Design Thinking process in a nutshell
  • Overview on the tools we use for each of the Design Thinking steps
  • Our experiences with clients in applying DT, what works well, hindering conditions, results to be expected

And answer to your questions. This is not a workshop presentation.

As we intend to answer more of your questions and talk less on things that might not be important for the ones registered, you are asked to send us max. 2 questions per e-mail when registering for the webinar.

Logistic Details:

  • When: September 16, 4pm EEST. It will take 60 minutes;
  • Location : Online, we will send to all the participants a Zoom link to join the webinar. For the ones that do not have Zoom installed, we will give you instructions. It can be used free of charge, but you need a good Internet connection.
  • Language: Romanian
  • Registration:  Free of charge, but we would be happy to be referred to.
  • Audience:  Everyone interested, but the ones already working/applying DT could benefit more of the talking because they can relate to their own reality.

Register per email at Raluca, with subject ”Design Thinking Webinar- I am in!” by September 10th.

Access the “Design Thinking: Methodology, Toolset, Mindset” explainer resource here.

We are looking forward to talking to you about Design Thinking.