• Are you unsatisfied with the reliability of your production equipment?
  • Are you experiencing a lot of unexpected breakdown?
  • Is IATF certification an ambition of your production team?

Our TPM workshop is designed just for you.

Production requires more and more stability from maintenance while the maintenance workforce decreases and machines are getting more complicated. The result can be constant fighting between production and maintenance, leading to low productivity and unmotivating work environment for everyone involved. Even when maintenance goes the extra mile, their operating paradigm prevents them to reach better results. Business needs to understand that the main task of maintenance is not only to fix the machines when they get broken.

By implementing TPM, companies can understand and change the way of operating. TPM supports production and maintenance teams to work together in a more proactive way.

How we do TPM

  • Changing the mindset of the production and maintenance organization
  • Learning from practical applications with measurable results
  • Combining technical and organizational development expertise for TPM implementation
  • 20 years of experience with ~100 TPM implementation projects, many of which have become a worldwide standard

What you can achieve with TPM

During TPM implementation, 3 to 5 of the following results improve:

Productivity:                                                        +20…50%

Number of unexpected failures:                   –50…80%

Production time lost to breakdowns:             –60…95%

Scrap rates:                                                           –20…50 %

Material and processing aids consumption:       –2…5%

Energy consumption:                                             –2…8 %

Length of overhauls:                                          –10…40%

Changeover times:                                            –20…40 %

Micro stoppages:                                              –20…40%


We will work with you on TPM concepts and case studies during the two-day workshop in order to give you the basics on speeding up your TPM process in your own company. Tools and further support for deeper understanding will be provided after the training by our experts.