Fit for the Digital Age

Developing strategies for a digitalized world is a process in which we develop initiatives, projects and measures which you can use to engineer your organization’s digital transformation.

Based on digitalization-driven changing customer expectations and existing technology projects, we work with you to analyze the digital fitness of your employees, your leaders and the organization itself. Using lean prototyping, we develop an innovation process suitable for digitalization and, during an accompanying digital rapid results project, we test the effectiveness of the measures and make strategic topics tangible. We also work with you to derive specific guiding principles and fields of action to shape and further develop a digital culture.

The result you get is a comprehensive catalog of measures which you can control using an accompanying digital scorecard and a management dashboard.

Transforming Output

The results of the process are diverse and informative:

  • Measures for developing employees’ skills in the fields of technology, innovation, digital communication and leadership
  • Culture-promoting initiatives for a sustainable corporate culture
  • Direct experience from technology-based rapid results projects
  • Concepts for an organization which remains able to make decisions and take action in a VUCA environment

You also learn how to apply lean innovation methods, such as design thinking, lean canvas and lean prototyping, and get in-depth specialist knowledge of digitalization.