Sustainable Budgetary Consolidation

How can cities, districts and federal states that are struggling with budgetary squeezes continue to guarantee a high quality of life for citizens? The first step towards a bright future is stable finances.

Six cornerstones of success

We have developed a tried and tested procedural model to help cities, districts and states regain budgetary leeway for future investments. The process begins with a compact analysis that demonstrates what happens where counter measures are not employed – i.e. scenarios without consolidation measures are outlined. This way the need for action can be clearly demonstrated to staff and the public. This is followed by a combined effort to work out clear and quantifiable targets for budgetary consolidation. Identifying expenditure and revenue-related potential for improving the budgetary situation constitutes the key focus of the project and this is carried out by working groups consisting of administration staff with our methodological and substantive support. All services and tasks undergo critical review and this is followed by an intensive search for opportunities within individual divisions. Decisions as to implementation are made by policymakers. Budgetary consolidation generally only achieves sustainable success if savings opportunities decided by policy then go on to be implemented consistently. Budgetary measures can be successfully implemented by monitoring implementation and reporting to policymakers.

Leeway for a bright future

Increased awareness of the issue among all those involved by means of a precise diagnosis of the consolidation need, as well as networking and the inclusion of those affected in a no-holds-barred search for opportunities, contribute to broad-based decisions. “Sustainable budgetary consolidation” goes far beyond the prospect of economization alone in that it takes into account the strategic vision of the organization. A desirable future vision is developed too in order to ensure support of taxation measures.


We plan out the process, involve stakeholders and those affected at the right time and guarantee an efficient working approach.


We possess background knowledge of all public administration tasks and can assist in identifying potential for improvement.


We devise a communication concept and formulate a target group-specific core message.

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