How can you empower intrapreneurship inside your organization? How can you bring to life new ideas without taking too much risk?

Co-create the future

Mature companies tend to focus too much on the everyday tasks and optimizing their PnL. As a result, the company starts to go into a state of inertia, where people do not take initiative to create new opportunities.

Predictability is great in times of certainty. But if you want to bring to life a new idea, it takes a different approach. If a company wants to be successful at innovating, it has to start to think and act like entrepreneurs do.

The process of effectuation emphasizes immediate action over spending hundreds of hours to conduct market research and planning.

The purpose is to create opportunities with the stakeholders around you, instead of trying to predict an uncertain future.


Start with what you have

People are capable of being innovative, but lack the methodology to guide their actions. There is great potential in a big company in terms of know-how and a broad network. We show you how to find the attractive opportunities and how to start working right away.



The company’s network is very valuable in giving the innovation search a direction. Asking stakeholders to support you with their resources or know-how will not only increase the success rate of your ideas, but it will be much easier to convert them afterwards into customers, partners or investors.



Along the way, the input of the stakeholders will be different from what you imagined initially. Through implementation meetings we can make sure you know how to leverage these surprises and build a product that is highly valuable for your selected group of customers. In other words, we can help you understand if the decisions you made make sense and where you should go next.


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