We understand your challenge

As a leader, you observe the swiftly evolving business landscape. While some opportunities are apparent, you recognize the potential for more significant achievements, where bold initiatives surpass mere platitudes.


Part of the problem is that …

too few ideas spark inside your company and most of the times none has the potential to become a disruptive growth engine for your business


Another part of the problem is that

most employees are expected to do what they are told, instead of creating the environment where they take initiative and craft new opportunities for growth

What is Corporate Entrepreneurship?

Companies such as Apple, Google, Netflix, 3M or Spotify are built on the philosophy that people are an infinite reservoir of fresh ideas that can be crafted and brought to life only in an environment which stimulates and encourages creativity and own initiative.

Corporate Entrepreneurship fosters a startup-like spirit within the corporate structure to encourage innovation, creativity, and responsiveness.

The Next Growth Engine: Entrepreneurship in Corporate DNA

Our program is designed for forward-thinking leaders who aim to enhance the influx of innovative and daring ideas within their organization. Our value consists in crafting the right premises for a culture that empowers employees to proactively take initiative, akin to entrepreneurs, in formulating internal ventures that contribute to overall business growth.

We should discuss if you are a:

  • Leader with a sense of urgency in crafting an entrepreneurial movement in your organization.
  • C-level who wants to grow the entrepreneurial expertise of your management team.
  • C-level, Director and Manager who believes in the potential of your team to think and act entrepreneurial and is ready to make a change in the traditional way of working.
  • CTO or Innovation Manager with an agenda for breakthrough progress and business growth





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