Talk less – Do more

Rapid Innovation Teams are small, powerful teams that are formed for a limited period of time. They focus on an innovation project with a special framework, aiming to develop and concretize an innovation. They operate in the discovery mode with agile principles. Rapid Innovation Teams are supported by innovation methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, TRIZ, etc.

They question existing products or services, recognize the needs of customers, create and combine ideas, and experiment with prototypes to get fast feedback. They aim high and strive for practical results. To enable this kind of working mode for the team, the top management establishes clear rules concerning time, budget and bureaucratic leeway.

Rapid Innovation Teams – the Principles

Rapid Results

Within the team, your employees learn to be more adventurous to create radical solutions and cope with the challenges of innovation projects in a better way. By being more daring, they create tangible results that can lead to fast successes.

Due to an accompanying evaluation, lessons learned can be applied on the whole innovation process of your company. A creative mindset arises among the employees that strengthens the innovation culture within the organization.

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