Based on our practical experience, we develop in-house training programs year after year on the most actual management and organisational topics.

Their contents are developed at the European level in the ICG competence clusters and can be delivered in Romanian or English.

The skills acquired can form the basis of future concrete projects.

Below are the main ICG programs for 2023:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a development methodology used to create human-centric products, services or processes. The ICG program presents the Design Thinking methodology, and specific Design Thinking tools, allowing participants to experience a simplified Design Thinking project during the workshop.

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Agile in Business

Companies that incorporate consumer desires and adapt easily to changes coming from the external environment have business agility and will still exist in 5 or 10 years. Agile continues to be top of mind for many enterprises – according to the 2023 State of Agile report, 89%of respondents in high-performing Agile teams have People-centric values, clear culture, tools, and leadership empowerment.

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Creative Thinking

Creative problem-solving and ideation are the backbones of innovation and development. We believe everyone can be creative with the right toolset, mindset and environment to create. In our unique workshops, we will show participants various ways to get inspired and create ideas that can later be transformed into successful solutions for any personal or organisational development.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is imperative for all organisations, but what elements ensure this initiative’s success? The program presents international case studies of successful digital transformation initiatives and allows participants to discuss and digest them. Furthermore, the program presents two models of the Digital Transformation process: ICG Integrated Consulting Group and Stanford University.

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Change & Transformation

It is a well-known fact that Change and Transformation are part of our lives today, both personally and professionally. But how to approach this change? What are the psychological mechanisms that govern change? What is the neuroscience of change? What are the elements by which we can build organisations capable of organically reacting to change?

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Leadership Development

Becoming a Leader. When a valued employee becomes a Leader, many challenges arise – for the organisation, as well as for the leader and their team. Our program focuses on the most stringent tasks a new leader must take on: performance management, team dynamics, conflict resolution and motivation, to name a few.

Developing Leadership Culture. Change starts with me. For experienced leadership teams, we offer a bespoke program which will address the most important aspects of peer collaboration: accountability, resilience, psychological safety, effective communication, intercultural collaboration and many more. Enhanced with coaching sessions, learning group work and scientific assessments, success is guaranteed.

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Strategic Controlling

Strategic controlling is a set of instruments to assist the implementation of organisational strategy and of strategic projects. It measures and gives feedback and information about the status, progress and necessary future steps to implement the strategy and strategic projects.

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Lean Fundamentals

Lean thinking always starts with the customer. What does the customer value? Or, stated differently and in a way that invites concrete action, what problem does the customer need to solve? By understanding the process of value creation and the roles of people in it, a company sets the base for continuous learning and improvement.

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