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Companies are increasingly looking to infuse agility in their operating models, as the challenges of the highly competitive and the continuously changing business environment ultimately take a toll on the performance. What got you where you are today may not be sufficient to get you where you want to be tomorrow. Finding new ways of working and delivering products to the market is part of the constant search to stay relevant. But simply replicating practices is not enough, especially with traditional large companies who need a fundamental shift in the mindset, as well as in the way they are organized.

Agile implementation is the name of all games. Be it that is coordinated by head-offices globally or is a local initiative, senior executives are more and more preoccupied to switch to this new way of working, to redesign teams and reconfigure departments. The quest for agility is on!

In this webinar, we will tackle some hot topics:

  • the understanding of most common Agile roles
  • share how Agile roles fit in the context of organizations
  • discuss our own stories about the roles we have seen in practice

So, look no more: the story of Agile roles is here and we can’t wait to share some thoughts.

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