Lean Startup is an Innovation Methodology that helps you validate your business ideas before investing too many resources in the wrong idea, through experimenting and interacting with your clients and users in an early stage of your idea development.

As a result, you gain time, resources and confidence into your business plans.

The key concepts we work within Lean Startup are Hypothesis, Experiments and Validated Learning. The Build- Measure- Learn loop summarizes the process of Lean Startup.

Lean Startup is one of the New Ways of Working nowadays, together with Design Thinking, Agile, Effectuation, etc.

Similar to Design Thinking, the concept origins are in Silicon Valley. Lean refers to reducing waste of resources allocated for developing a business (time, money) and startup refers to businesses that do not have a validated business model yet.

Even it is called “Startup”, the methodology works great also in large corporations for testing new business lines/products/services. It can be seen as a way of refreshing/ reinventing themselves, for instance.

What are you going to learn?

Maria Cenușă & Mihai Svasta will guide you for a 1.5 hours dialogue:

  • Why is Lean Startup a powerful methodology?
  • When to use Lean Startup and other methodologies (Design Thinking, Agile, Effectuation)?
  • How to organize a Lean Startup Project?

Maria and Mihai have worked with several organizations in lean startup, design thinking and innovation projects, such as OMV Petrom, Metropolitan Life, Sodexo, Rompetrol, Emerson, Continental Automotive, Schlumberger, Boehringer Ingelheim, etc.

Who could benefit from this program?

Intrapreneurs and people determined to make things happen and create value in the places they work, no matter the company size or field of activity


Our promise is: you will get an idea of ​​When, Where, and Why to use Lean Startup. We will answer open and pragmatic to all participants questions.


Want to learn more now? Access the free “Lean Startup: Methodology, Toolset, Mindset” explainer resource here.