Lean Startup is an innovation methodology that helps you validate your business ideas before investing too many resources in the wrong idea, through experimenting and interacting with your clients and users in an early stage of your idea development. As a result, you gain time, resources and confidence into your business plans.

The key concepts we work with in Lean Startup are Hypothesis, Experiments and Validated Learning.

Similar to Design Thinking, the concept origins are in Silicon Valley. Lean refers to reducing waste of resources allocated for developing a business (time, money) and startup refers to businesses that do not have a validated business model yet.

Build- Measure- Learn loop summarizes the process of Lean Startup.

Even it is called “Startup”, the methodology works great also in large corporations for testing new business lines/products/services. It can be seen as a way of refreshing/ reinventing themselves for instance.

You will learn Lean Startup by experiencing it.

What are you going to learn?

Raluca Androne  & Mihai Svasta will guide you in 1 day in several specific topics:

  • The Lean Startup philosophy and process
  • Lean Startup simulation, which is a hands-on simulation with a scenario from the hospitability industry and players have to adopt specific techniques such as experimenting and using minumum of their resources if they want to win the game.
  • Canvases: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition and Lean Canvas
  • Hyphothesis & experiments
  • Intrapreneurial mindset.

Raluca and Mihai have worked with several organizations in lean startup, design thinking and innovation projects, such as OMV Petrom, Metropolitan Life, Sodexo, Rompetrol, Emerson, Continental Automotive, Schlumberger, Beohringer Ingelheim, etc.

Who could benefit from this program?

Intrapreneurs (no matter the company size or field of activity) and antrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs are people driven to make things happen and create value in the places they work.

Still not convinced?

1. Certification:

Lean Startup Kick- Start Certificate – upon completion and presence of minimum 90%, each participate will get a bi-lingual certificate issued by ICG Integrated Consulting Group.

2. Free coaching:

After the completion of the workshop, each participant is offered 1 hour online coaching (by phone or zoom).

Logistic Details:

  • Duration: 1 day, December 3, 2019;
  • Schedule: 9:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Bucharest, Impact Hub Timpuri Noi
  • Language: English/ Romanian

Outrageous 🙂 Low Cost per participant: 199 Euro, Early Outrageous Birds: 149 Euro for registration and payment until 15 November 2019. VAT not included.
Participants to our Design Thinking Open workshops (sessions starting 2018) will benefit of 10% discount.

What do you get? Knowledge, Confidence and Practical Tools. Our promise is:

You will be able to apply Lean Startup techniques the next day after the program.

Register per email at har@integratedconsulting.eu, email with subject ”Lean Startup- I am in!” or use the registration form below.